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Arthur Bruzzone's Columns 2006-2009:

Forcing Congress to Read the Health Care Reform Bill
October 2009

Climate Change:  The Planet and Public  Support are Cooling
October 2009

Fiscal Pandemic Invects Governments Here and Abroad
July 2009

Michael Savage brings down a British home secretary ..who's next
June 2009

With passage of $3.5 trillion federal budget, GOP 
should declare bankruptcy
May 2009

Branding the Next President
December 2007

'Soak the Rich'
November 2007

Californian's Take On Fred Thompson
September 2007

Congress Beware:  We're All Into Hedge Funds
August 2007 

Newspapers Downfall
June 2007

Natural Born Killers
May 2007

Secularists' Religious Zeal
April 2007

Reagan Left Long Ago--The Conservative Crackup 2007
January 2007

The Four Wars of Iraq --The Northern Ireland Connection
December 2006

The Next Conservative Wave:  Greener
November 2006

After the Republican 'Fall'
October 2006

Campaign 2008:  Choosing a Wartime President
August 2006

What Israel Has Taught Us (U.S.) 
July 26, 2006

Accepting Global Warming WITHOUT Accepting Global Warming
June 27, 2006

America's Abundance of Enemies
May 15, 2006

John McCain's 'SwiftBoat Problem
April 15, 2004

Iraq: What's Wrong with a Civil War    
March 20,2006


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