Michael Savage brings down a British home secretary ..who's next

JUNE 2009

SAN FRANCISCO, CA --- British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith will resign, according to the London Telegraph.  Her ban of San Francisco talk show host Michael Savage contributed to her downfall.

World Net Daily notes that in a BBC radio program today featuring Michael Savage, a barrage of callers reflected public anger over Smith's surprising decision last month to ban the popular American talk host from entry into the United Kingdom along with murderers and terrorists.

San Francisco's own Michael Savage conducted a blistering legal attack on the Home Secretary, including filing legal complaints and a libel suit in Britain.  He vowed that he would see the day when she resigned.  

That day has come sooner than he may have expected.  Of course Smith had other problems. Her husband's submission of a receipt to the House of Commons for watching adult films. She also claimed her family home as a second home under the Parliament members' allowances plan while staying with her sister in London. In addition, she allegedly charged a number of personal items as office expenses.

But it was her misguided ban on Savage -- personal non grata  for alleged incendiary speech --- which pushed Smith her into resignation.

Yesterday, Savage said that Media Matters funded in part by George Soros, provided clips to Smith. They were taken out of context. Savage also believes that it was part of a grand strategy of groups like Media Matters to impose strict regulation of talk radio in the U.S.

That strategy has now backfired miserably.  Not only is Savage vindicated, but the FCC and Congress will now have a major battle on their hands if Savage and his colleagues on talk radio are restricted.  Worse for the Left, Michael Savage is now an international star with callers from outside the country.

Michael Savage clearly has his eye on President Obama. But he was also a sharp critic of former President George W. Bush.

With a weakened and leaderless Republican Party, leading talk show hosts like Michael Savage have now become the most powerful voices in opposition to the Obama Administration's socialist moves  ---hyper budget and deficit expansions, and the take over of major multi-billion dollar corporations, as happened yesterday in the case of General Motors  (a move supported by only 23% of Americans.)

Few of Savage's  colleagues came to his defense.  They will now pay a price for that disloyalty.  Savage now becomes the most important talk show host in America.

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