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These columns were between the years 2001 and 2004.  For Arthur Bruzzone's later articles Click 

Democrat Party's Fatal Attraction  

Marriage Debate: Silencing the Opposition  
Could criticizing Gay Marriage lead to charges of a 'hate crime'

Kerry (Willard) is Out to 'Terminate Colonel Bush  
Pre-empting the final outcome

Americans, Brave Co-Combatants 

This Clinton is Heartless  
The tale of two Clintons 

Why Democrats Must Stop San Francisco's Green Parade  
Since the writing of this piece, the Green Party agenda dominates the Left Coast City -- a harbinger of what may happen to the national Democrat Party

Redefining "BS" for Our Time 
President George Washington may have been the first to popularize this descriptive phrase

Masculinity Returns to Politics  10/15/2003
This article has been roundly criticized on various forums, including the charge that Bruzzone's comments constitute a new 'nazi' ideal... hardly!

Democrats Unmasked  09/15/2003

America's Growing Divide  09/01/2003

California's Political Madness  08/01/2003

Ground Zero for School Vouchers  07/15/2003

The American Family is Safe and Well  07/01/2003

Recovering the 'Compassionate Conservative'  06/15/2003

Can the GOP be both a Moral and Secular Party  06/01/2003

Pro-Life/Pro-Choice 2030: Engineering OUT Human Nature  05/15/2003
Another article that found its way onto several forums and some outrageous

Diplomatic Reciprocity is Strengthened by U. S. Military Successes  05/01/2003

Bush Will Win California in 2004  04/15/2003
Bruzzone would admit he missed his mark on this one.  But the observations were accurate at the time.  The War in Iraq doomed the President in California but notnationally.

Ultra Reality TV: WAR  04/01/2003

Saddam's Stalinism: Will It Include a Siege of Baghdadgrad  03/15/2003
Turned out to be the case and doomed the tyrant.  

Asymmetrical Warfare Cuts Both Ways--Whether Practiced by China or Al Qaeda 03/01/2003
This article appears on a number of forums on defense policy

Early Victories to Report in the War Against Iraq  02/15/2003

Poets Against Some Wars: The Left's Hypocrisy  02/01/2003

Blood Feud: California GOP's Unholy War  01/15/2003

For Democrats, a Very Bad Season  01/01/2003

Terror the Father of Conservatism Could Hardly Imagine  12/15/2002

A Conservative's Speech Code for Harvard Law School  12/01/2002
An article that got some attention from the Harvard community

LollaPelosi: Portrait of the Eighth Congressional District  11/15/2002
Several national journals have used this article for comments on the Democrat leader

White, The New Color of Evil  11/01/2002

Fearing the Burst of the Housing Bubble  10/15/2002

The Bush Doctrine: Pre-Empting Tragedy  10/01/2002

Political Insanity in California  9/01/2002

President George W. Bush: The Marathon President  9/01/2002

Motivating Volunteers to Motivate Voters  8/15/2002

Critical Habitat Desgination: A Taking, Plain and Simple  8/01/2002
Featured on several environmental forums, often attacked

Sobering of America  7/15/2002

Investigating Clinton/Gore, Inc.  7/01/2002

Using Terror Against Terrorists  06/15/2002

Unmasking the Left's Incrementalist Strategy  06/01/2002
Still the operative principle of the left wing of the Democrat Party, successfully

Political Correctness for Dummies-2002  05/15/2002

America's Post-911 Policy Tested: Venezula  05/01/2002

How Preferences Mar Achievement  04/01/2002
A much misunderstood essay that caused some stirrings on several forums

Elusive Independent Voter  03/15/2002

Media Conglomerates’ New and Uncertain Empowerment  03/01/2002
The media consolidation was just beginning at the time of this essay

Should we Fear Li Ka-shing?  02/15/2002
This essay was circulated on several international forums 

Stretching the Limits of Bi-Partisanship  02/01/2002

Enron Gate: For Democrats, the Wrong Battle  01/15/2002
\Tale of Two Terrorists  01/01/2002

Democrats: Seeking Disunity  12/15/2001

Liberal Crackup  12/01/2001 An Online Journal