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                                     Sam T. Harper

These columns were written between the years 2001 and 2004.  For Sam Harper's more recent articles Click  

Sitting at the Table of the Families of Our G.I.'s  4/15/2004

Cable/Satellite-less Random Thoughts on Iraq and Terrorism 4/1/2004

Conservative Career Advice: Learn to Zig and to Zag  3/15/2004

Why Domestic Bush is Different from Foreign Policy Bush   3/1/2004

Lessons in How Conservatives Should or Not Legislate and Help Citizens in Need

Conservatives, Quit Complaining and Strat Walking the Talk: Domestic Agenda  2/1/2004

Boys into Men   1/1/2004

Transform the C.I.A. From a Bumbling Bureaucracy  12/1/2003

Ya'll Democrats are Fixin' to Get Your Butts Whupped Down Here  11/15/2003

"..He Died In the Discharge of His Duties"  11/1/2003

Conservative Dilemma: Do We Cut Government Spending or Starve it?  10/15/2003

The Myth of the "Myth of Big Government"  10/01/2003

How Much of the $87 billion of the Iraq Bill should be Charged to the Administration  9/15/2003

Democracy Will Come to Iraq Through our Men and Women the Military  9/1/2003

Our Large Schools Doesn't Teach Our Kids to be Good Citizens  8/15/2003

Back When Men Were Celebrities  8/1/2003  (Unavailable)

Inefficiencies in Governmet Programs   7/15/2003

Why Medicare, Public Housing and Other Government Programs Are Out of Control  7/1/2003

The Inevitable Failure of Federal Programs   6/15/2003

Are There Lessons for Business from How the Military Works  6/1/2003

Legacy of 21st Century: U.S. Military has Made War Safer  5/15/2003

What is it About Military Service That Changes Your Perspective?   5/1/2003

Does America Need Conservative Leadership to Win Wars   4/15/2003

What the Media Doesn't Understand: How the Military Works  4/1/2003

How Can You Claim Budget Cuts When Spending Goes Up  3/15/2003

Tennessee's Democrat Governor Cuts the Budget--Has Hell Fozen over   3/1/2003

Would Raising Teachers' Salaries Improve Teaching?   2/16/2003

Is There a Liberal-Conservative War Going On in the Administration at Vanderbilt University?

Taking Care of Our Old Folks: Re-installing Self Governance into our Lives  1/15/2003

Campaigning Against Democrats Using the Truth: How to Defeat an Incumbent Southern Democrat (Part Four)  1/1/2003

In Tennessee, the Conservative Message Will Turn Out Voters: How to Defeat an Incumbent Southern Democrat (Part Three)  12/15/2003

Tax Increases are NEVER a Dead Issue for Democrats--How to Defeat an Incumbent Southern Democrat (Part Two)  12/1/2002

Lessons on How to Defeat an Incumbent Southern Democrat (Part One)  11/15/2002

...He died in the discharge of his duties"   11/1/2002

Religious Arguments in Bush's Case to Attack Iraq  10/15/2002

Throw the Democrats Out !! The Tennessee Tax Revolt ( Part 3)  10/1/2002
Harper Updates the State's tax situation with implications for the Country

Vanderbilt's Politically Incorrect Chancellor (Part 2)  9/15/2002
Harper Reponds to critics

Vanderbilt's Politically Incorrect Chancellor   9/1/2002

The End Al Gore's Political Career?  8/15/2002

Is the GOP Walking the Conserative Talk   8/1/2002

Tennessee's War on Tax and Spend Liberalism (Part2)   7/15/2002

Are Liberals Right? "Big Business is BAD"  7/1/2002

Keep an Eye on Tennesee's Tax and Spend Liberals  6/15/2002
They think they can tax their way out of deficits

Liberalism is De-Motivating  6/1/2002
By its very nature it hinders creativity

More Headlines You will Never See   5/15/2002
Back by popular demand (and now made a regular feature) headlines we'll only imagine seeing

Headlines You will Never See  5/1/2002
They may have never been published but they got a lot of attention at this site

Campaign Finance Reform: Special Interests Are Us  4/1/2002
Money is not an evil in campigns. It's a necessary tool to communicate to the people in the shortest amount of time

A major mistake in an, otherwise, powerful State of the Union Address  3/1/2002

A new education focus: results matter, not efforts!  2/1/2002

Is This A Red Counties War?  12/15/2001
Will red counties carry a disproportionate share of this war? An Online Journal