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Sam T. Harper's Columns (2006-2007)

Brigadier General Paul Tibbets Saved My Life
December 2007

"...He Died in the Discharge of His Duties"
November 2007

Tennessean's quick take on "Fred Fred Fred"
September 2007

Gasoline and Diesel Prices:  It's Supply, Demand, and BIG Government (Plus a Salute to Old Friends)
August 2007

State Democrats Universal Health Care Solution: Raising Taxes on Food
June 2007

Tennessee Waltz:  When a Tax Cut is a Tax Increase
May 2007

Recharging with a drive through fly over country
April 2007

W's Health Plan Misses One Important Element: Outlawing withholding of taxes
January 2007

Serving in the Military During A Liberal Congress -- 
Why I Owe Gerald Ford an Apology
December 2006

Why Tennessee Remains Red:  Bob Corker "Gore'd" Harold Ford, Jr.
November 2006

Who Controls Oil Prices?  Big Oil Companies, Big Oil Governments,  Republicans?
October 2006

Bill, Melissa, and Warren:  Many Opportunities for Failure, a Few for Success
August 2006

Did Hezbollah play right into Bush's hand?
July 15, 2006

Living a Rumsfeldian lifestyle in the information age
June 15, 2006

Tennessee's State Democrats: A Fading Power but with Bulging Wallets 
May 15, 2006

Ronald Reagan, a Pistol Packing Mama, and (maybe) the Raptor F-22 at Stanford 
April 15, 2004

Iran: Quickly emerging as the next chapter in W's "Club Sandwich" foreign policy
March 20, 2006

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